Remote support is a cost-effective technology that allows IT to service your computer from a remote location. This way, the technician doesn’t even have to be where your computer is located. … You can schedule a technican to service your computer nearly any time of the day, and often on the same day you call, from anywhere in the world!

I can tap into your machine, start the operating system update, and then when I arrive, it’s already updated. Saves you time and money, even more so if you have a slow internet connection.

Download my remote App here or copy and paste this link into your browser:
Most of the time, downloads will go to your Downloads Folder, Make sure to Double click on MY installer you just downloaded

Some basics to know:
• I can’t remote into your machine if it’s sleeping (simply change your energy settings in System Preferences if needed)
• We are installing Teamviewer on your Mac, so Please Don’t use your iPhone via chat messages to download the link
• When I attempt to connect, you have to accept my request (or not?)

Instant Help

Allows Instant Help

Remote Support Fees

Costs the same as Onsite

After Hours

Great for After Hours Support

Teamviwer top questions:

Is Teamviewer free for me to install?

Teamviewer is Free for you to install.
However, I have to pay $1200/yr for the license.

How Do I download Teamviewer?

It might be already installed.
Look in your Applications folder for Teamviewer Quick Support or Teamviewer Host.
If it’s not installed, you can download it here:

How Do I Install Teamviewer?

It typically downloads to your ‘Downloads Folder’. You can search for it with Spotlight Search (look for the magnifier icon, very top right of your screen and search for Teamviewer). Double click it to open it. You can copy it to your applications folder.

Does Teamviewer have to be open for you to access my machine?

Yes, it has to be open.
For security reasons, If you close the Teamviewer app, I’m unable to access your machine
It also generates a new session code every time you open it that I need.

What if my machine goes to sleep?

I Can’t access your machine if it’s sleeping.
You can temporarily change your computers sleep settings to ‘Never’ (located under system preferences: Energy Saver)

Can I use my machine while you work on it?

Only one of us can drive!
I’m normally on chat/phone with you, and if you need to use the machine briefly, no problem.

Can you see me?

Providing you Don’t turn on your video camera and sit in front of it, No.

TeamViewer utilizes RSA 2048 public/private key exchange, AES (256 bit) session encryption end to end, random passwords for one-time access, optional two-factor authentication, and access controls via trusted devices as well as black- and whitelists.

macOS uninstall instructions

TeamViewer 9 (or later) for macOS can be completely uninstalled within the TeamViewer settings. To uninstall TeamViewer for macOS, follow these steps:

  1. Open the TeamViewer preferences
  2. Open the Advanced tab
  3. Under Uninstall, click the Uninstall button
  4. TeamViewer is uninstalled

Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, and XP in Classic View

  1. From the Start Menu, select Settings, and then Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the “Add/Remove Programs” icon.
  3. Select the program you wish to remove and click on the “Remove” or “Change/Remove” button.
  4. Follow the prompts to finish the uninstallation of the software.