Now Offering Remote Backup Checks

Including checks for Virus’, Malware,
available hard drive space, integrity of drive..

When your hard drive or SSD fails, you lose everything on it.

As a business, that could mean you just lost all your valuable data (Quickbooks, Quicken, POS, Photos, Videos, Word Documents), which could also mean, you’re not able to make payroll, or even make sales, and it could take literally weeks trying to re-enter years worth of financial data. As an individual, it spells the same gloomy fate. 

Data Recovery prices start from $2000-$3000, if they are successful.

Remote Backup Checks, Virus checks & more..

– How much available hard drive space do you have?
– When did the last backup run?
– What’s the integrity of your SSD/Hard Drive?
– What’s the integrity of your External Drive?
– Are you rotating your backups weekly?

Time Machine Backups

Check that Time Machine is actually backing up

Virus & Malware

Hard drive/email scan for Virus and Malware

Hard Drive Space

Check integrity & available storage space on your drive

Monthly Pricing Plans

*Per Machine: Plans for Weekly, bi-Weekly or Monthly checks.
*A copy of anti-virus/Malware software might need to be purchased
*While a single drive will work perfectly fine, I strongly recommend rotating 2 drives weekly.

What Customers Actually mean…

– I just checked my backups (last Christmas)
– Aren’t I being backed up to the cloud (I have no idea)
– I try to rotate my backups when I can (I have to find it first)


Contrary to popular belief,

– RAID is not a backup.

– Dropbox is not a backup

– iCloud is all I need

– Data recovery is cheap..


In the last 2 years, I have worked with many users that fell victim to the online Adware scam, with a combined total of over $20,000 paid to scammers. Few were lucky enough to recover their money.  Nationally, it’s in the millions.


– I have nothing to backup

– I have a clone of my drive

– iCloud is all I need

– Parallels takes little space

– Off-site backup not needed

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a Business, why bother?

Many individuals work from home, that could include running Windows applications through Parallels, POS software, and most individuals have documents, Dropbox, photos, and videos. That would spell Disaster if lost, just as a business would.

What Software do I need to proceed?

You will have to purchase anti-virus/Malware software which I can obtain, and install. I will then install my remote software to access the machine remotely.

What if I already have anti-virus software?

In my experience, very few Mac users actually invest in anti-virus. Those that do, never check it, or never update it.
If it’s a current anti-virus suite, I should be able to use it.

What if you find problems?

Any Virus or Malware found, will be removed. If further issues are found, you will be immediately alerted.

I already have a cloud based backup? (Carbonite, Backblaze, iDrive, Crashplan, Mozy)

Cloud based backup solutions are a great addition to your current backups. In my experience, here are the most common issues with cloud based backups: not actually configuring what needs to be backed up, paying for the service for years and never installing it, too much data with a poor internet connection, never checking what (if anything) is backed up.

Does virus scanning slow my machine?

Computers have many background processes (transparent to you). If Time Machine is running, when anti-virus is running, along with Dropbox sync, etc…. you will see a decline in performance. It’s essential these processes run. If you keep clicking skip, you’re not doing yourself any favours. If this continues to be an issue, you probably have too many apps open, not enough memory, or probably a hard drive with issues or possibly a lack of room.

What is Ransomware?

Sounds like something from a Hollywood movie, but it’s very real. The lastest rendition of this malware will literally encrypt all your files and you are then forced to pay in bitcoins. Since ransomware now encrypts all your backups, I strongly suggest rotating 2 backup drives on a weekly basis. I can help with additional backup drives.

What is a backup drive?

A backup drive is an external hard drive that is dedicated to backups.

I thought Macs don't get virus'?

That’s a huge myth.
Windows has always been the more popular operating system (not necessarily better), so much of the malicious code has been engineered towards the Windows platform (to do the most damage). The online tech scam is browser based, so everybody is fair game. Ransomware has been ported to attack Mac and Windows. Adobe Flash also has a lot of insecurities, and is constantly being updated. Steve Jobs wanted to rid the world of flash, so  iPhone & iPad doesn’t support Flash unless you change that!

As phones take over more of our lives, you will see more attacks on that platform (iOS)

Does the service include all IT cost forever?

This service does not include the cost to fix issues. Remote checks are exactly that, checks.



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