2013 iMac Hinge replacement:

My post on iFixit:


Regarding the 2013 27″ iMac, and it leaning forward as if it’s been in captivity too long…

I have swapped the hinge mechanism on several 27″ iMacs, all 2013.
Not to be confused with earlier models where you can insert a credit card in the back
to release the mechanism, or any modified Vesa mount, the above models were just factory standard.

The issue is a really poor design, where a high tension metal spring (2 actually) is held in place by a plastic coupler. The cheap plastic coupler (if that’s the correct term), gives way, and the screen leans forward.

You can’t adjust anything here. You can’t tighten ANYTHING to fix it.

I thought about super gluing the coupler back together, that’s a really bad idea unless you want to take it all apart again. Did I mention, you have to take the whole machine apart!

You have to purchase a whole new hinge assembly, just so it has the same crappy plastic couplers, then re-install the same cheap item, although the whole assembly is metal, and wait for it to break again. I was unable to find just the couplers on their own.

• You can see that pretty much everything has to come out of the iMac to get to the hinge.

• The second photo shows the metal hinge, with the screw that holds the “coupler” in place. The high tension metal springs (1 each side) are held in place by the flimsy plastic couplers!

A new hinge assembly is approximately $80 -$100


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