Why You Deserve First Class Mac Certified Computer Services?

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7 Things about Macs Your Kids Never Told You

Mac Tech Support for All Your Apple Products
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Services for All your Apple Products. Hardware & Software Upgrades, Liquid spills, iPhone iPad Syncing, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox

The Challenge

When it comes to Applications, many of us are reluctant to upgrade, and get stuck in our ways. The thought of learning a new task is daunting, super frustrating, time consuming, and only ends with us banging our heads on the keyboard! It Doesn’t Have to be like That.

The Computer

If you had square wheels on your car all these years, and we showed you these ‘New” fan dangled ‘Round’ wheels, would you want them? If you’re ready to take on the challenge of learning or improving your computer skills, Contact us today for a friendly chat.

1 on One Training

Need Help Learning your way around, or just need help learning how to do things a little more efficiently? Need to learn Word and Excel, setup Adobe Lightroom, Lightspeed, or MacPractice? Ask about our 3 hour Training Specials.

Slow Internet?

If your Wireless network is performing like a 1980’s dial-up modem, let us bring you up to speed! Did You know you can purchase your own cable modem, and rid yourself of the forever $10 monthly payment?

New Computer

Migrate the data from the old machine, to the new one. Setup a printer, fax machine, email, sync your calendar & contacts, Configure Backups, create an iCloud account.

Sever Setup
Server Upgrades
Dynamic DNS
File Sharing
Lightspeed POS
OS Cloning
Run Windows

Virus & Rootkit Removal
Adware Removal

Filemaker Server
RAID Setup

SSD Upgrades

Time Machine Backups
OS Upgrades

Ram Upgrades
Extend Wireless
Email Setup

iPhone Sync

Apple TV
Mag254 IPTV

Airport Extreme
Time Capsule
Modem Upgrade
Laptop Upgrades